Saturday, May 7, 2011

How to be a Great Guest

I’m not talking about how to behave at the next house party, how to not throw up in the lap of the hot girl you’re talking to. Or how to not face plant when you’re running around the party in your boxers.

No. This is a guide on how to behave at your first dinner with your girlfriends’ parents, or in a tea party with queen Elizabeth. Either way you want to be your best and make a good impression.

Now, showing up is the easiest part. Make sure you’re there precisely on time. Like I said, this is not an occasion to show up ‘fashionably late.’
Your host told you to show up at this time, he made plans for the food to be ready before you got there. Don’t disappoint your host. Never.

Now when it comes to the dinner it self don’t be the guy that sits in the corner and doesn’t say a word. Be entertaining and overall fun. The ones that yap throughout the meal are boring however. Find your limit.

Now, when you’re done eating. Gained a few pounds and its time for your deposit to the comfort station: Courtesy-flush. Before you sit down take some paper and throw it in the toilet. With this you’ll avoid marks of feces and also the toilet wont turn into a fountain. Now when big brown hits the paper, flush. Don’t put all the money on the matches to cover up the smell. If you just let it lie there until you’ve finished reading a nice article in the awesome magazine of Heavy Hitters Magazine (Be Relentless be fearless, Issue 18), you WILL stink up the place. After that, wipe your ass until you can’t see any brown stains in the paper, wipe it once more. If you don’t…. Well lets just say the rest of the night wont be as pleasant.

When it comes to leaving. Leave. Don’t be intrusive. Know when to go.

Supra Vaider

Yup, I’m a guy who loves sneakers. My number one goal in life besides owning the Lamborghini Aventador is having a room full of my favorite sneakers.

And by favorite sneakers I mean Supra. For those of you who are not familiar with Supra Footwear. Founded by Angel Cabada, Supra produces quality designer footwear out of quality fabrics.

I wouldn’t be blogging about this if it weren’t for their latest release of Vaider colors.

Everybody knows the old saying "beauty is pain"
These jaw dropping, head turning, gorgeous pair of sneakers are the most comfortable shoes that my feet have ever met...

You want? Correct?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Goodbye Murcielago, Hello Aventador

 Lamborghini lp700-4 is its name. And it is beautiful.
When you pop the hood, you will see the resting place of the new 6.5 liter V12 engine that gets this orange beast from 0-60 in just 2.9 seconds. You got it, 700 bhp and 509 lb-ft.
Top speed? 217 mph…

The asking price is $380 k. That’s not so bad.
What’s Santa Claus’s mailing address again? 

Do You Know How to Shave?

Chances are, you don’t.. A regular man throws on shaving cream and drags that razor sharp knife around the face, rinses off. And puts toilet paper where needed.
It’s a lot more complicated than that. Spending just a little bit more effort and time is worth it if you don’t want to look like the Grinch at your first date.

Preparation – very important

To begin with, your skin has to be warm. It’s always best to shave after a hot shower or even better: a nice sauna. But it should be enough to put a warm towel on your face until it starts to cool down.

Now it’s time for your shaving cream.

I don’t recommend shaving foams or gels in tubes, it contains chemicals that cool down your skin and doesn’t make your shaving any better. The chemicals make your hair stiffer. And shortens the lifetime of your razor blades.
Good shaving cream along with a good brush is the best choice. Jack Black Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather 8 oz (226 g)

Never shave against your hair, most hair types can’t stand it. This is the most common cause for burns. Shave tiny sections at a time, one at a time. By doing this it’s less likelier that you’ll cut yourself.

After Shaving
The most important action after your shave is to cool down your skin. Splash icy cold water on to your kisser before you put the aftershave on. Make sure you don’t use an aftershave you picked up by the register at your local supermarket. I recommend Jack Blacks products.

Top 5 Motivational Videos Before the Gym


No excuses, the title says it all. You can’t excuse your own health.
When a man beats cancer and wins tour de france seven times. You better listen.
I’m a huge fan of Greg Plitt, a former Navy Seal. A current fitness model/up and coming movie star. When he works out, his veins pop out. That’s what motivates me at the gym. I really recommend you watching every video he’s in. He speaks wisely.
Probably the most famous pep up speech in the world!
Shut your lights OFF, sit back close your eyes and listen. It’s worth anyones time!

Close Encounters of the Giant Kind

When Brien Skerry and his diver friend were on an expedition in the sub antarctic, this huge whale swims right up to them. The size of a city bus. Well if I would be in that situation I would remember how that great white shark threw those seals up in the air, and catched them with its mouth like a dog with a rubber toy on an episode of BBC's Planet Earth. After thinking about that I would bury my head in the sand and pray to every god there is.

Atleast the last thing I would do is .... You´ll get the rest.

Are you interested in your own brewery? It's possible!

Beer fans should breath slowly, in and out. One breath at a time. Because now is their chance of owning their own personal brewery.

It’s called WilliamsWarn, and it was brought to life by the brewer Ian Williams, and the food engineer Anders Warn. Hence Williams-Warn

They have accomplished every hobby brewer’s dream. An all-in one brewing machine. Complete with a mini brewing tank, a cooling system, a built in beer dispence mechanism and a convenient control interface for the average induvidual.

The WilliamsWarn personal brewery makes it possible for anyone to produce their own quality draft with as little as no preperation.

The price is affordable $4400 dollars... That’s about 3520 bottles of corona.